How to Upload Photos

Click here for instructions

If there are photos you are uploading that you would like to be added to the Weekly Contest or the Rainbow Bridge slide shows, please tag those photos either "contest" or "rainbow". Keep in mind that the photos will need to be approved before they will show up in either slide show.

In the instructions for uploading photos there is a screen capture of where to put in the photo name, description and tag. You can also go back and add that information after the photos are uploaded.

How to Create a Photo Album

Click here for instructions

After you upload photos from your computer you can create your own photo album and add that to your page. To get the album to show up on your page you must be logged-in. Click on My Page and on the left, under your profile information you should see Photos with the number of photos you have uploaded in parenthesis. Click on Photos and it should take you to a page that says My Photos.

At the top of this page is a link that says My Albums. Click on this and it will take you to a page that shows the album(s) you have set up. Click on the album you want to add to your page. Then click on View Slideshow and this will open the slideshow to play.

In the top right corner of the slideshow there is a button that says Embed. Click on this and then click on the button that says Copy to Clipboard. Click on the top left link that says Return to (your page name). Then click on My Page and in the box on your page that says Your 910pets.com Box click on the edit button. Now paste the embed code into this box and save.

Weekly Pet Contest & How to Vote


On the home page of the website is a slideshow for the Weekly Contest. Each week a winner is chosen depending on how many stars their photo received and how many views. For example, two or more photos can receive 5 stars, yet the winner is chosen depending on how many views the photo received. The photo with the most views and highest rating is the winner for that week.

To vote for a photo you have to be signed in. When the photo you want to vote for appears in the slideshow click on the picture. A larger, static image will open, under that picture to the right are 5 stars. Put your mouse over the stars and they will highlight. Click on the stars to register your vote.

At the time the Moderator approves photos a Member has uploaded, one photo is chosen to be added into the Contest slideshow. If there is a specific photo you would like added to the contest tag that photo "contest" and it will be added. Otherwise, the photo will be chosen at random.

The winner is announced every Monday and a new slideshow is put up for voting. Any photos submitted over the weekend will be approved the following Monday and added to the new slideshow. Only one image per Member is added per week, however, Members can upload as many photos as they like.

Adding a Photo to the Rainbow Bridge Slideshow

If you have a photo you would like added to the Rainbow Bridge slideshow, please tag the photo "rainbow". Currently the Moderator is the only one who can add photos to the Rainbow Bridge slideshow and tagging the photo will let them know to add it.



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